Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arizona Republicans protect guns, not people

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Democratic senators released the following statements on the signing of HB2455, which requires law enforcement agencies to sell unclaimed or forfeited firearms.

Senator Linda Lopez (District 2), Assistant Democratic Leader:

“Over the past few years we have witnessed a steady stream of tragic gun violence in America, including the shooting in Tucson that killed six Arizonans and wounded 13 others. The horror of Sandy Hook has finally sparked a national discussion on sensible ways to decrease gun violence and keep our communities safe,” said Sen. Lopez.

“Here in Arizona, Republicans swiftly moved into action as well. Unfortunately their reaction was not to protect the people of Arizona from guns, but to protect guns from the people of Arizona.”

Senator Steve Gallardo (District 29):

“This bill is classic overreach by Republican legislators. It takes away local control by prohibiting local law enforcement from destroying guns in their possession, even if a gun was willingly turned in by the owner. This is on top of a law passed last year forcing guns used in violent crimes to be put back on the streets,” said Sen. Gallardo.

Senator Steve Farley (District 9):

“Imagine this scenario: If a teenager commits suicide with a gun, under this bill their grieving family would have to choose between taking that gun back home or giving it up with the knowledge that it would soon be in a display case of a local gun store,” said Sen. Farley.

“This bill takes away that family’s right to destroy their own property as a means of finding closure.”

Senator David Bradley (District 10):

“Republicans are tone deaf to all but the NRA on this issue and completely out of touch with the people of Arizona. A poll released just yesterday shows that 70% of Arizonans support universal background checks,” said Sen. Bradley.

“The sad truth is this: right now it's safer to be a gun in Arizona than a child.”

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