Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tea party Republicans continue campaign to gut Arizona schools

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Caucus leadership released the following statements on today's tea party-choreographed "Common Core Symposium."
Background: Contrary to claims, the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards were not created by the federal government and are not an attempt to eliminate local control of our kids' education. These standards were created by educators, experts and business leaders with the goal of preparing our children to compete in a global economy and succeed in life. It is still up to individual school districts to determine the curriculum that will best help their students achieve these goals.
Senate Democratic Whip Steve Gallardo (District 29):
Sen. Gallardo
"The truth is this - our Republican-controlled Legislature has systematically gutted Arizona's education system by more than $3 billion. The results of those devastating cuts are struggling schools and students who aren't performing at the level these new standards would require," said Sen. Gallardo. "How do tea party Republicans solve the problem they've created? By vilifying the higher standards and harming our students further. That isn't going to work."
Senate Democratic Assistant Leader Lynne Pancrazi (District 4):
Sen. Pancrazi
"Forty five states, the District of Columbia, four U.S. territories and the Department of Defense have adopted these standards, which will provide much-needed consistency for the many military and agricultural families in my district who must move from state to state for work," said Sen. Pancrazi. "As a former school teacher, I know that these new standards will prepare Arizona's children for future success, but only if we end this witch hunt and fully fund education in Arizona."
Senate Democratic Leader Anna Tovar (District 19):
Sen. Tovar
"Arizona's business community is unified in their support for these new standards because they know that they can't succeed, and Arizona can't succeed, unless we are producing the very best workforce possible," said Sen. Tovar. "It's time for tea party Republicans to drop the smoke screen, accept that these standards will help Arizona's children prepare for the future and start restoring the funding our schools so desperately need."

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