Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Court must uphold legally enacted Medicaid restoration

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs released the following statement on today’s ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court granting Republican legislative leadership standing in their lawsuit to overturn Medicaid restoration:

Sen. Hobbs
“At a time when the state faces a massive budget deficit, legislative leadership has chosen to spend
precious general fund dollars on a lawsuit that, if successful, will further strain the state’s finances and turn our back on the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans that are receiving health insurance for the first time,” said Sen. Hobbs.

“Almost two years ago Medicaid restoration was passed legally and with bipartisan support, signed by the Governor and reinforced the voter-approved Prop 204.

“Medicaid restoration is right for the people of Arizona and for the future of our state. Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans now have healthcare, our rural hospitals and clinics are staying afloat and the state is saving millions of dollars we cannot afford to lose.

“Today’s Arizona Supreme Court ruling sets a troubling precedent. Legislators should not be able to sue every time they lose a vote. That isn’t how the legislative process is meant to work
“We are confident the Superior Court will see the frivolousness of this lawsuit and will uphold the will of the Legislature, Governor Brewer and the people of Arizona.”

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