Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Senator Barbara McGuire statement on HB 2246

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senator Barbara McGuire, LD8, released the following statement on today's failure of HB2246 in the Senate. The bill would have allowed a parent to opt-out their child from the statewide student assessment system beginning next school year.

Sen. McGuire
“I understand that there are many parents who are concerned about our state's educational assessment tests and HB2246 was another in parents’ educational tool box giving them a choice when it comes to the specific needs of their child. This bill would have allowed those parents to opt-out their children instead of missing class to avoid the tests, which would have penalized our teachers and district schools. It also would have afforded the state time to discuss its No Child Left Behind waiver with the U.S. Department of Education,” said Sen. McGuire.

“I know that every child learns differently and each have unique talents and challenges with their education. I will work closely with our Department of Education and the Board to ensure both parents and schools are not penalized for doing what’s right for a child.”

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