Friday, June 26, 2015

The institution of marriage has been strengthened

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic leaders released the following statements on today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling affirming the right to marriage for all Americans.

Sen. Hobbs
Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs:
"Marriage is about love, commitment and family - qualities that are not exclusive to just a man and a woman. And America is about freedom - a quality that, despite what many opponents claim, is not infringed upon by this ruling. From this day forward freedom for every American is stronger than ever," said Senator Hobbs.

"Even with this ruling there is still much to be done to achieve true equality in Arizona where it is still legal to be fired because of your sexual preference. We won't stop until every law that discriminates against LGBT Arizonans is struck from the books."

Senate Democratic Whip Martin Quezada:
Sen. Quezada

"The American institution of marriage and its ideals of love, equality and family have been strengthened today," said Senator Quezada.

"Over the last decade there has been a sea change in Americans' belief that every person deserves to be considered equal under the law. Many states have passed laws granting these rights, while others like Arizona have made shameful attempts to legalize discrimination against our own people.

"It is the role of the courts to uphold the Constitution, even if the democratic process doesn't move as quickly. Today's ruling reaffirms the sacred American value of individual freedom."

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