Friday, October 30, 2015

Lawsuit settlement is, sadly, the best Legislature is willing to do

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs released the following statement on the education lawsuit settlement approved today:

Sen. Hobbs
“The education funding lawsuit settlement approved today, with bipartisan support, is imperfect but will ultimately provide some desperately needed support to our struggling schools,” said Senator Hobbs.

“Legislative leaders are parading the settlement as a great thing for Arizona. Yet these are the exact same people who willingly cut school funding by billions of dollars over the last eight years, the same people who illegally ignored the will of Arizona voters by refusing to fund inflationary increases and the same people who are only here today because a lawsuit from our schools forced them.

“Democratic legislators have always been the champions for education at the Capitol, which is why we proposed a responsible plan that would have fully settled this lawsuit with money already in state coffers, immediately and without the need for voter approval.

“Our children deserve better than shell games, but they also deserve to learn in schools that aren't suffering from neglect. While we would have preferred our schools be made whole, as the court ordered, we recognize the fact that this settlement was sadly the best this Legislature is willing to do right now. But right now, something is better than nothing for our children.

“For years, Democrats have fought consistently and vigorously to defend our schools from a majority dead-set on seeing them wither. Our constant drum beat raised awareness of the state of our schools and built the public pressure that forced these parties to the negotiating table. We will return next session undaunted and steadfast in our fight for the full funding our schools need to achieve.”

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  1. They are robbing the future. I may vote for it next May because the alternative is no education funding.

    I also, as a parent of kids who recently graduated from high school, want to know what the lege will do to restore to my kids the education they were robbed of. Funding schools today is a good thing but we've cheated a whole generation of kids out of a quality education.

    I believe the state owes them at least restoring some of the funding to higher ed because so many of them now have to take remedial classes when they get to college to compensate for what they didn't get in high school.


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