Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FDA label update negates the need for SB1324

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs released the following statement regarding the updated Food and Drug Administration labeling of mifepristone:

Sen. Hobbs
"The drug label that SB1324 would require Arizona doctors to follow was written based on a regimen developed in the 1990s. Almost two decades of evidence-based practice and research since then has demonstrated the safety of mifepristone's use beyond the old label's restrictions," said Senator Katie Hobbs.

"The ultra-conservative group Center for Arizona Policy claims this bill is needed simply for the safety of women. If that is truly the case, they should call for the veto of this bill. But the group that has forced upon Arizona numerous bills attacking women's rights, not to mention the international embarrassment of 2014's right-to-discriminate SB1062, won't do that because their true intention is to deny the rights of women and their doctors to make the best medical decisions for themselves.

"I urge Governor Ducey to veto this bill because politicians should not require Arizona's medical professionals to practice 20th Century medicine in the 21st Century, forcing them to violate their Hippocratic Oath by putting what's best for their patient second to the ideological tyranny of conservative extremists."

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