Friday, September 16, 2016

Courts reject SB1070 and Arizona should, too

Sen. Hobbs
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX The Senate Democratic Caucus leadership released the following joint statement on the Valle del Sol et al. v. Whiting et al. lawsuit agreement against SB1070:

“This lawsuit permanently blocks the cruel and unconstitutional provisions of SB1070 that criminalized free speech and everyday activities like driving a family member to the store.

“While most of SB1070, the law that brought Arizona international disgrace, has been struck down by our courts, the shell of it is still on the books and is vigorously defended by legislative Republicans. Every session since its signing six years ago members of our caucus have introduced bills to repeal this hateful and racist law. And every session those bills have been denied a hearing by Republicans.
Sen. Farley

“Under this agreement the Arizona Attorney General agreed to issue an opinion dictating that law enforcement officers cannot base suspicion of unlawful presence based on race or ethnicity, cannot stop anyone solely to investigate their legal status and cannot hold a person to investigate their legal status any longer than is needed to address the violation for which the person was detained.

Sen. Contreras
“We trust that Arizona’s dedicated and hard working law enforcement officers will follow the AG’s directive. But to elected heads of law enforcement agencies who prefer grandstanding and self-promotion over following the law: know that we and our communities will keep a close watch and will not hesitate to once again use the full power of the courts.

“The courts have effectively rejected SB1070 and the people of Arizona reject the politics of hate, division and fear its supporters champion. Let’s stop wasting valuable taxpayer dollars defending this racist law and continue Arizona’s recovery from the damage it wrought on our reputation by finally repealing SB1070 in its entirety in January, bringing closure to one of the ugliest chapters of Arizona's history.”
Sen. Quezada

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