Thursday, September 15, 2016

Statement on the passing of Governor Mofford

Sen. Hobbs
“Governor Mofford has always been an inspiration to me, both politically and personally,” said Senator Hobbs. “I first met Governor Mofford at Arizona Girls' State, when I was a high school junior and she was secretary of state, and I remember how gracious she was to everyone. She gave us all small mirrors and talked to us about loving ourselves the way we are, which, coming from our state's first female secretary of state, was very powerful to a group of teenage girls.

“With her unique blend of Arizona toughness and genuine kindness Governor Mofford not only broke historic barriers, she also healed our state after years of controversy. She was a leader who truly put the good of the people first.

“I mourn with all Arizonans the loss of a true Arizona legend.”

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