Thursday, May 3, 2018

2018 is the Year of the Teacher

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs (LD-24) released the following statement on the passage of the Fiscal Year 2019 state budget:

"The 2018 legislative session will be known as the year of the teacher. Their passion, their perseverance and their unleashed power is the sole reason we finally passed a budget that begins to give them a long overdue raise and makes a small step toward making our neglected public schools whole.

"The budget passed tonight is nowhere near perfect. It does some good, like sweeping far less of the critical HURF dollars that our state's roads desperately need. It hires back some of the corporate tax auditors fired by Governor Ducey, which had let tax cheats slide and state revenues plummet. But it also spitefully punishes taxpayers who live in Democratic districts, and gives more of Arizonans' hard-earned tax dollars to the dark money benefactor Koch brothers' 'freedom schools' to produce extremist-indoctrinating K-12 curriculum.

"We voted for the good parts of this budget and we voted against the bad parts of this budget, but ultimately we helped get this budget through the legislature and on the governor’s desk so our dedicated teachers can return to their students with the start of a decent raise and a little more money for their classrooms.

"Just a month ago, those in power here were only willing to give Arizona's teachers another one percent bonus. Our teachers deserve all the credit for forcing Governor Ducey and legislative Republicans to finally acknowledge the devastation their policies have done to our kids' schools.

"But make no mistake, there is much more to do to restore the funding that decades of Republican control have taken from Arizona’s public schools. We are not done fighting."

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