Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Senator Allen stirs up toxic potion of fear and ignorance

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Senator David Bradley released the following statement on behalf of the Senate Democratic Caucus in response to Senator Sylvia Allen’s recent racist comments:

"Senator Sylvia Allen has once again garnered attention at a national level for remarks that exposed her personal views on immigration and the dire threat that it poses to our State. In a twenty-five-minute speech at an event entitled "Mormon Political Pioneers", she touches on a variety of themes.

“Senator Allen begins by recounting her family’s arrival in North America emphasizing their escape from religious persecution and their pursuit of liberty under divine guidance.  Early in the speech she makes numerous references to liberty and to God and ‘his’ guidance in the pursuit of liberty.

“She then bridges into her remarks that have rightfully drawn so much concern. Referencing a University of North Carolina researcher, she seems to lament the demographic changes that the country is experiencing by using a term that the researcher has coined to explain the much broader phenomenon that is the result of many factors, i.e., the ‘browning’ of America.

“The casual and incomplete use of the reference does not ameliorate or justify the callousness and ignorance that her remarks expose.  The senator mixed the potion that has become the recipe du jour of the President himself when he seeks to fire up his base.  The ingredients are fear and ignorance sugar coated with the notion that our liberty is threatened as we undermine God’s divine intervention.

“Senator Allen also goes to some length to identify other perils that we face as a society.  She identifies the unfortunate decline of the patriarchy as one of them and goes on to justify her opposition to the ratification of the ERA on these and other somewhat convoluted grounds. Women have demonstrated throughout history their equal capabilities in every field of endeavor.  The demand for equal treatment does not undermine our family values, as the senator suggests.  To the contrary, it solidifies, consecrates and codifies that recognizing the equal contributions of women in our society reflects the best family value of all.

“While Senator Allen’s apology asserts that she meant no offense, the reality is that she fed what she thought was a narrow audience the same toxic potion.  The apology is no antidote and the unexpected broader audience is growing increasingly incensed by the potion’s proliferation across all levels of government and all means of media.

“The senator’s remarks after her apology adds to the toxic concoction by asserting that the reaction to her original comments amount to a “verbal lynching.” What was lynched here was the dignity of human beings across an entire continent, the lack of understanding that even today people run to this country to avoid persecution just like her ancestors who similarly believed that the pursuit of liberty was worth the high price that emigration from one’s homeland entails.  Some even believe that divine inspiration and guidance led them here.

“Some may believe that the remarks in and of themselves disqualify her for public office.  If that is true, then the disqualification should apply to all the office holders who keep refreshing this toxic potion. Our belief is that the antidote to this toxicity is called an election.  It is coming up very soon.  Please pay attention.”

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