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When we sat down to contemplate our top games of the s, it was immediately obvious just how difficult of a task it would be. This decade perhaps more than any before it had the widest range of video game experiences. But along with all of the enormous AAA experiences saw the reign of indie titles like never before. Extraordinary games developed literally by a single independent person or small team revitalized originality in gaming and ensured unique experiences catering to practically everybody.

With one of the most diverse lineups of games of any decade, we thought it best for each of our writers to choose their personal Game of the Decade along with the nine other games they felt best exemplified the last ten years for them. So without further ado, here are the games released between that were the most special to us here at Hardcore Gamer:. Over the last four years, though, the game has seen the best content to ever be introduced, from the Gothic fantasy of Heavensward to the more traditional, colorful fantasy of Shadowbringers.

The latter in particular has offered the best Final Fantasy story in over twenty years, containing a masterful villain you can somewhat sympathize with, and relatable themes. While Square Enix built it so you could play most of the content without having to go through a network of guilds or groups, I found it far more fun to put myself out there.

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For me, it defined the last decade and hopefully it will define the next. Picking a favorite game from the past decade was no easy task but the title that impressed me the most was NieR: Automata. A sequel to the cult classic Nier, NieR: Automata takes place thousands of years in the future in a dystopian world where humans have fled to the moon while androids and machines are fighting an endless war.

It can be debated whether the original or sequel had more interesting characters or heartbreaking scenarios but Automata showed a vast improvement in gameplay mechanics. What makes Automata so memorable is difficult to do justice without actually experiencing it. The story and its presentation are prime examples of why video games should be viewed as art the same way films are, as this is one of those games that can get tears flowing with the best of depressing cinema.

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The story of 2B and 9S is an emotional tale but this extends not only into the relationship between those two androids but many other machines and androids encountered throughout the game. After the story the greatest asset is the original soundtrack, which perfectly fits the one of the game. NieR: Automata is not only a great game but one that transcends the assumed limitations of video games as a medium. Yes, Bethesda milked the franchise and plenty of memes came from it.

On the other hand, you have to wonder if Game of Thrones would have had the success it had if not for Skyrim due to people wanting something similar to watch rather than play. It was converted to VR for a completely different experience.

The PC community had a field day with mods that would either increase the visuals or replace NPCs and other enemies with random icons. The music would be worth paying to see in concert. Nothing truly says winter like Skyrim does, no matter how hard Game of Thrones tries. The ability to craft your player Any hardcore gamers out there a specific style and to make them good or evil is just the base of the cake. ing specific guilds and factions to truly craft who your character is and a game that just has so much depth led me to play hours of this over the course of a few years.

Players would have to brace themselves with random encounters and pay the price for their decisions all making for the premiere individualistic experience. Unnecessary fetch quests after beating the story that feels forced for the sake of having replayability is not really a thing here. The launch of the game went smoothly and provided the best single player experience in the past decade.

When tasked with picking a personal Game of the Decade, so many different games came to mind. This first installment in the Souls series expanded on gameplay from its Demon Souls predecessor to create an intuitive experience like no other. Would we wander into an area with enemies that were too high level for us? Would this shortcut actually lead to the safe-haven of Firelink Shirne and bridge the gap between areas? Everything from creating new character builds to attempting specific story lines have drawn me to the game time and time again.

It was the first game that truly challenged me as a veteran player and forced me to master technical skills. It became a social game that I would play with friends because of the summoning feature — where we could run around and laugh at our own mistakes. There are so many current generation games that have taken the Dark Souls approach to some component of its gameplay — whether its combat, map layout, boss de, etc.

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Some things changed for the Any hardcore gamers out there, but I think gaming as a whole has gotten better. Transistor is that special kind of game that only comes around once in a generation; everything about it works together beautifully to create a truly engrossing experience. Its setting, the city of Cloudbank, is a place filled with eye-catching sights thanks to its cold and dreamy art direction.

All of Transistor is up for interpretation and the game thrives all the more as a result. One can use both styles or focus entirely on either one. Character builds can be changed constantly, vary dramatically and behave differently within both styles of combat. No game has been able to capture my imagination, sense of nostalgia and taste for adventure quite like Breath of the Wild. With the ability to climb every mountain, pick up any weapon and take down giant monsters, it has taken the legend to new levels. It even brought me back to the days of my first adventures through Hyrule and it takes ones breath away with how far The Legend of Zelda has come.

Plus, downloadable content that was released makes it even more of a challenge. There are so many mysteries in the game that keep me in constant awe. Everything about Breath of the Wild makes it one of the best games of the entire decade. With a sequel on the way I am more than excited to see what my next journey will bring in this long-running and beloved series. While the test versions were available as early asmost people heard about the game when the alpha launched a year later and videos that seemed truly incredible showed up.

By mid-January sales were over a million, which seemed unbelievable at the time but is only 0. The s were the decade of Minecraft, and with very good reason. Most important is that Minecraft has always kept all-ages, remaining kid-friendly while still having more than enough depth to make teens and adults happy. Creative mode and the modding community make it so everyone can play their own way, whether that be a builder-vs-world assault on staying alive or a straightforward focus on building, building and building some more without any fear of creeper-holes marring the structures.

The constant updates its received have guaranteed players always have something new to look forward to and the migration to a new engine has been handled carefully to make sure both the old Java and newer Windows 10 versions are viable options. Minecraft has taken care of its players over the years and they keep coming back for more. The original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii will always herald a personal importance, being the game that brought my passion and interest for video games back from the brink of oblivion.

Both in their triumphs, but also in their own personal failure-come-redemptions. Naughty Dog, perhaps better than any other studio, showcased how cinematic a game could be back in with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The near perfect blend of storytelling and gameplay catapulted the studio into mainstream recognition. Who knew that, just a few years later, Naughty Dog would manage to topple their own work with a brand new IP.

The Last of Us released became the ultimate embodiment of combining gameplay and storytelling into one compelling package. Set against the backdrop of the fall of humanity to the Cordyceps virus, the game follows Joel as he attempts to escort an immune survivor, Ellie, to a group researching a Any hardcore gamers out there. What starts as a simple mission quickly spirals out of control and ends with the players unsure of who are the good guys and who are the bad. Despite being nearly seven years old, The Last of Us remains at the forefront of discussions within the industry and is why its sequel, The Last of Us: Part II, is so anticipated.

The last ten years were some of my favorites for gaming as a whole, but the one title that always sticks in the back of my mind is Xenoblade Chronicles. This title crafted a world, characters and story that weaved itself into my mind and has made it hard to forget anything about the monumental adventure it delivered.

While I initially brushed this title off when looking at footage, I eventually came back to it because I felt so intrigued by it. When I finally started playing, it gripped me immediately and from start to end I was in love. JRPGs have always been a mixed bag with me with many requiring too much grinding or tedious repetitive gameplay, but Xenoblade Chronicles was built around its side quests and exploration for experience instead of hacking away at monsters continuously to get stronger. From start to finish, Xenoblade Chronicles never lets up. The story is constantly wanting to move forward, but always gave me time to explore the massively amazing titan world at my own pace.

At times there was so much to do it almost felt overwhelming, but it was always easy to reel it back and focus on the task at hand. This title is also the owner of what I would consider one of the best video game soundtracks ever made and one I still regularly listen to.

Would save scumming be ethical if people knew what power you had? And how far would you truly go for one hundred percent completion? Undertale is a game hearkening back to the days when urban legends about hidden secrets and cheats were gossiped about and shared with friends when it came to video games, where experimentation and exploration is wholly encouraged in order to discover the insane amount of tricks put into the world like a seemingly innocent donut you purchased hours ago now allowing you to skip a whole boss battle.

And it is a terrifically deed world, one with a lot of love poured into every inch of it. The s truly ended up being an amazing decade for gaming that offered up unforgettable Any hardcore gamers out there from every genre. While games can offer anything from an emotional, psychological experience to adrenaline-pumping action, one thing that ultimately has us coming back for more is the pure fun and escapism of the medium. The driving mechanics are spot on, the action fast and the world fully-formed. One of the best-selling games of all time that continues to be purchased almost ten years after its release, Grand Theft Auto V is the culmination of the fantastic series in a way that will be hard to top next generation.

Any hardcore gamers out there

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