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And there is a plethora of ways to vary this trendy dish that hails from Hawaii. Cool inner city cafes once boasted health bowls that were superfood, paleo, gluten-free, vegan-friendly. Pronounced poh-keh somewhat disappointingly for the seven-year-old that lurks inside meit is officially the hottest thing on Australian menus.

Serving it on a bowl of rice with soy sauce and sesame oil is a nod to the Japanese migrants who worked on the Hawaiian pineapple and sugar cane plantations from onwards. For the former, it fits with their obsession with sriracha, mayonnaise and pickly, fermented stuff and for the latter with their carb- gluten- meat-free urges. Sweeten warm sushi rice with sushi seasoning. This is available at supermarkets but is easy to make.

Add the liquid to warm, cooked rice until seasoned to your liking.

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Top with the tuna, crushed wasabi peas, sesame seeds, thin strips of toasted nori seaweed sheets, a few drops of sesame oil and pink pickled ginger. Add a sprinkle of good chilli flakes or you can top with Japanese furikake spice mix if you like. Cover one quarter of a bowl of warm, seasoned sushi rice with half a sliced avocado and the opposite quarter with sliced spring onions and coriander leaves.

Top the other two quarters with barely grilled fatty salmon cut from the edges and the underside of a whole salmon fillet. Removing the thinner flaps from each edge of the fillet leaves you with a neat barrel of salmon that can be sliced for sashimi or for a chirashi bowl — see below. Cook the fatty salmon on baking paper in a frypan or on the flat grill of a barbecue until barely done.

Sprinkle over crushed macadamia nuts and strips of crispy salmon skin if you can be bothered to make it. Finally, stripe the bowl with thin lines of a Japanese mayonnaise. Using a sharp knife, slice the Attractive white male needs sushi buddy of a salmon fillet on an angle. Lay on the rice with ice-cold slices of radish, edamame podded soy beansa combination of crushed roasted cashews and sesame seeds, and homemade pickled ginger.

To make this, peel a knob of ginger with a teaspoon. Slice as thinly as you can. Rub with a mix of salt and sugar, then leave until the ginger starts to give up some of its juice. Cover with rice wine vinegar and leave until needed. Top a bowl of brown rice with fingers of caramelised pineapple, grilled green prawn tails, a scant handful of sliced mint or coriander, thinly sliced jalapenos and lime wedges.

Top with a good drizzle of chilli caramel, crushed, salted peanuts and toasted lap cheong sausage. You can always dump the prawns for swags of seared beef if you feel that way inclined. If you do, I feel the lap cheong should go too, which would be a shame. Dump the carbs and serve your poke on cucumber thre for a change. Also remember to remove the seeds before julienning the cucumber. To recreate it at home, season tuna dice with finely grated ginger, jalapeno and spring onions along with tamari and sesame oil.

Then make the wafers. If not, chopped coriander with suffice. Substitute salmon or tuna with crumbed and baked nuggets of chicken breast. Lay them on the warm, seasoned sushi rice with avocado, pickled ginger, spring onions, and coriander leaves. Swoosh on a little Japanese mayo to finish with a splash of soy and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Toss together before eating. Artfully top your rice with arranged slices of fried pork schnitzel, pickled radish and cucumber and very finely sliced white cabbage.

Garnish with a fruity barbecue sauce and a squirt of Kewpie mayo. Dress the rice with the drained ceviche, cubes of avocado, seedless cheeks of tomato and finely sliced iceberg lettuce. Then pour over a little of the leche de tigre — the leftover curing juices.

These are still regarded as an aphrodisiac in some remote villages outside Lima. If you want to go the whole Peruvian hog, dump the rice and use indigenous quinoa instead. Serve in lettuce cups topped with flakes of toasted coconut. So, dress cubes of impeccably fresh ocean trout with yuzu juice, soy and a little macadamia nut oil. This was cooked things rather than raw things on rice; think cooked mackerel or steamed shrimps with omelette. However, this was an era when conspicuous consumption was frowned upon, so the toppings were laid at the bottom of the bowl and then the rice put on top.

Think of placing charred grilled chicken or sticky teriyaki salmon, sliced shitake mushrooms or Japanese pickles like batons of carrot, radish or burdock root in the bowl before topping with warm rice. Dress with sesame seeds, chilli flakes and a little soy dressing. Alternatively, top with a tofu and oyster mushroom poke. Marinate g firm tofu, cubed, in a mix of 60ml soy sauce, 10ml sesame oil and 1 tsp each of grated ginger and grated garlic. Lay on the rice with chopped Chinese greens, trimmed oyster mushrooms softened in a pan and finished with a splash of Chinese wine or black vinegar, and garnish the bowl with sliced spring onions and toasted sesame seeds.

The rice is Attractive white male needs sushi buddy with yummy stuff like shredded cucumber, radish, mushrooms, garlic and soy wilted spinach, tasty ferns, kimchi and shredded carrot with a spicy sesame and gochujang dressing. Traditionally an egg yolk and seared slices of beef would be the animal proteins of choice but, more often than not, this is now served as a vegan dish.

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Looking for more inspiration? Try this tasty Californian bibimbap with beef and kale, or a vegan tofu bibimbap. As for the protein element, batons of maple bacon and pan-tanned corn kernels, grilled chicken dressed with fresh lemon juice, or even candied salmon a highly addictive hot smoked and maple-sweetened treat are the go. Serve with a ponzu sauce on the side made from soy, lime juice, mirin and finely diced green chilli; ideally a jalapeno or serrano. To candy salmon, bury chunks of the fish in a mixture of brown sugar and salt, with more sugar than salt.

This will suck the moisture out of the fish, leaving the fat. Therefore fattier salmon cuts like belly or collars are the best to use. Leave in the cure for around three hours, then rinse and pat dry.

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No road trip is complete without stopping for musubi, grilled spam and sushi rice wrapped in a nori seaweed sheet. To make it you need to cure salmon in salt so it becomes almost springy. Then, using your hands, massage the rinsed and dried cubes of the fish with diced tomatoes, blanched and halved slices of red onion, chilli flakes and crushed ice or frozen diced cucumber. Yes, lomi means massage in Hawaiian. Divide your bowl of brown rice or seasoned sushi rice into four quadrants.

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Top one with flaked, canned tuna tossed with lemon juice and a few drops of good fish sauce. Top the next with thinly sliced and barely-blanched snow peas, warm cooked peas, or cherry tomatoes with their seeds. Split the final quadrant between a line of finely chopped red chilli and freshly picked coriander leaves, Thai basil or Vietnamese mint. In the middle, dollop a generous scoop of mayonnaise mixed with some fiery sriracha and soy.

Toss before eating but after serving. -up to delicious.

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Update your newsletter subscriptions. Poke bowl with pickled garlic and seaweed. Temperature is important — rice should be warm and fish cold. Use a rice cooker. Never put dressed sushi rice in the fridge. Traditionally, crushed candlenuts were used but you can use macadamias, cashews, crisp pickles or even wasabi peas. Much of the flavour comes from the dressing, so choose carefully. When plating, strew ingredients evenly or arrange by colour. Chirashi bowl Using a sharp knife, slice the barrel of a salmon fillet on an angle.

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Attractive white male needs sushi buddy

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