Beautiful lady searching orgasm Miami Florida

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Sweet woman looking love. Lonely mature seeking dating Blondes mature seeking porno Miami Florida You put my beer in a cup bag.

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O Leary, 51 India Hookup in the next few hours. I am sexy, fit, sane and very serious about this. However, I am very, very selective and Im only looking for one person. So, most men won't be what I am Beautiful lady searching orgasm Miami Florida for. I hope that doesn't sound terrible, I just don't want to waste anyone's time.

I am married and therefore, discretion is critical. This may be a one-time thing or maybe a bit more, but obviously, I'm not looking for complications of any kind. Obviously, given the nature of this, looks are the most important factor - however, I like all types of men so, things like race, hair color, etc.

If you're interested and think you may be in the running, please send a picture and let me know your stats age, height, hair and eye color, etc. Nothing X-rated, just something that gives me an idea of what you look like. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. Blondes mature want hot fucking Lafayette Louisiana Something about her.

But I do have a strong fetish. The only type of relationship that would make me happy is this What I want, no, what I need is for you to be my Mistress in all things sexual. I need you to completely control my sex life, to completely control my cock. I want to be your good boy, submissive to your every will. I want you to be my hot wife. You are a beautiful sexy woman. And you deserve the best of everything, including cock. I can't give it you, so I want you to get all the cock you need from other men. I want you to control my cock by locking it up with a cockcage, keeping me under lock and key.

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I want you to get all the cock you ever want from other guys, guys with the best, biggest cocks, so you won't ever need to fuck my little one. The other guys, well you'll choose them. Any guy, any time, any way you choose. I want to be always horny for you. I want my locked up cock to be so frustrated that at every moment the thing I want the most is you. So that you're always on my mind. What I want is to be your good submissive boy. To worship you, my mistress.

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To serve you and give you anything you want. I hope sometimes to get to serve you sexually, well I hope often, but that is up to you my love. I have my mouth and hands. They'll always be ready to serve you any way you could want. I would hope to get to give you massages, worship your body, pamper you, and generally love every inch of your body.

I definitely want to still get some chance to pleasure you too, but I want to use my mouth and tongue instead. I hope you'll use me in other ways too, hopefully nasty ways. I'd love to be your bathroom slave. Doing everything for you, washing you, pampering you, and also, being your toilet. Drinking all your piss, and licking your pussy and ass clean for you whenever you get dirty. When you're full of cum, I'll clean that up too. I want to be frustrated, teased, and completely controlled. To love a woman who acts like a whore with other men. To worship the body of a beautiful woman.

To be the willing slave to you, to be teased, humiliated, given nasty tasks too do, I get all that. I get everything I want. If you read this far, put the "42" in the subject line. Please write something thoughtful and include a in your initial reply. Looking for a maternal disciplinarian. You get naked and start fooling around. You push him down and start sucking his. Just shove your crotch right in there if you have to. Next move up and start rimming. Now pull out of his mouth and stick your ass in his face. Hopefully a few of your buds get the idea. Them is the rules. Car hop at sonic.

Seeking a Leading Lady I'm different from most men regarding my outlook on what makes relationships work. I am a confident, intelligent, thoughtful, progressive, masculine - yet submissive - man and I make no apologies for who I am or what it is I seek.

I'm not weak, indecisive, weird or any other negative stereotype society can come up for a man who is not supportive of patriarchal traditions and expectations and dares to appreciate, respect, desire and express his interest in the company and leadership of a strong confident woman. I'm looking for an age appropriate partner in the Boston-area who appreciates and understands what a non-machismo oriented man has to offer and is enthusiastic about exploring a long-term, romantic, committed Female Led Relationship with a successful, sincere and secure male partner.

My ideal partner is an assertive confident woman who has come to terms with her strength and resolved not to make compromises in her selection of a romantic partner. She has no qualms about establishing a relationship on her terms and understands men - like me - who share this outlook and express a deep appreciation for women are a quality find. As a woman, you have high expectations for your partner and insist on being treated with respect and obeyed. You want to be protected and comforted by the man you choose yet not feel as though your partner is making any assumptions as to his role or privileges.

I bridge both sides of this equation. Strong and confident in my own way; yet attentive and deferential in others; a pleaser in the best sense of the words. My life is full and my interests and tastes both refined and expansive. I am urbane in my outlook and tastes; not willing to settle for mediocrity in a world that often seems filled with little more than that.

I enjoy sharing a meal in the North End, strolling Newbury Street on a beautiful evening, relaxing with a perfectly made cocktail at the Mandarin Oriental or just grabbing a cup of coffee while people watching. Perhaps we're off to Maine, Vermont, New York or even Montreal for a carefree weekend get-away that are about letting go of the rest of the world and celebrating our good fortune of having discovered one another in the least likeliest of places: The Craigslist personals.

Unfortunately most women have a negative perception of what a man like me is about until they've had the opportunity to indulge in female led relationship. I won't dwell on negatives, but identifying one's self as 'submissive' to women has a considerable downside because most women think I'm seeking something akin to a 'dominatrix' or a tawdry 'Friends with Benefits' type of situation.

I'm not. I've come to terms with who I am and that means appreciating and celebrating the love of an assertive woman - in all aspects of a relationship. I'm not weak; just real. Instead of hiding from this preference and denying to myself who I am, I've embraced it. Is it for everyone? No - hardly. But it's right for me and I do know there are women in the Boston area who not only appreciate this kind of relationship dynamic but insist on it.

They want to be in charge; they want a man who will happily Beautiful lady searching orgasm Miami Florida lovingly follow their confident lead. Women often ask me, 'What my type? She wants things in her life the way she wants them - and that means a man on her terms.

She's not a dictator but a loving and Beautiful lady searching orgasm Miami Florida partner. She and I dovetail in our desires: She's the leader; I'm the happy helpful follower. It's not forced, it's not about games and it certainly isn't about pain or humiliation. I'm not doormat and she's not walking all over me. So what does this woman look like? It depends. I don't have a type, per se. Do I prefer blondes over brunettes? Do I want a 'Barbie?

Beautiful lady searching orgasm Miami Florida

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