Black 4 friend no dramasafe no strings

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Compare Books Settings Stats Print. Reading stats. Jul 04, Play by Play Riggings Brothers, 0. Jul 20, Apr 21, Forever Mine. Bad Beat The Gamblers 2. Apr 05, Touch by Touch Riggins Brothers, 4. Wow, didn't expect to enjoy this book this much considering the fact it's not as safe as the others in this series! They have never hung out alone always in group and never had an attraction to each other before. He started seeing his brothers so happy settled down and wanted that as well.

The most details we get is that him and his brothers would go out to clubs a lot and hooked up with random women. He did say it wasn't a crazy laundry list or anything I'm usually verryyyyyy sensitive to manwhores and absolutely hate reading about them but here it didn't bug me as usual cause we didn't get too many details. I'm assuming H did since it wasn't explicitly mentioned how long he was celibate and I don't imagine he was for a year it was safe from the start of the book and once they are both attracted to each other there is no one else for both.

If those safety details don't bother you I highly suggest this book!! H was ALL IN and did so much to prove to heroine that he was over his past and wanted to settle down. He even sells his bachelor pad in downtown and buys a house to show the heroine how much he's not going back to that lifestyle! I loved the beginning of the book when they were at the cabin. Loved Conrad and the chase he gave. Heroine does try to push him away once they're back from Black 4 friend no dramasafe no strings cabin due to her fears but he didn't let her.

If you like to read about H's who give good chase this is your book! Apr 17, Kiss by Kiss The Riggins Brothers, 3. A sugary sweet safe read! Mar 23, Fractured Ties: Boykov Bratva. Mar 17, Sinful Heir The Heirs 6. Feb Enchanting Alluring 3. Jan 06, Swan, T. No, no, no. This book wasn't perfect but I was highly engrossed in the story and was ready for a 4-star rating. I laughed so hard at times when Trista No, no, no. I laughed so hard at times when Tristan first meets the kids and swooned so hard at how he chased Claire. But I am shocked at the ending. It seriously just ruined everything for me.

I normally don't like single-dad books but they are miles better than single-mom books where the heroines end up being cold and selfish bitches. Can you imagine if a single-dad had demon children like Claire's and she was the one who had to deal with everything Tristan dealt with??? Everyone would've hated that book. Spoilers: view spoiler [In the end the big hoopla is that Tristan H wants to move them out to a bigger house and wants to adopt the kids, but Claire h wants to "honor her late husbands memory" and does not want that at all.

They're Wade's kids and she does not want Tristan adopting them. She doesn't want to leave Wade's house either even though it is small for all of them. I get lashing out in the moment cause she was also stressed about losing her company and Tristan kinda surprised her with all this BUT in the end Tristan is the one who had to settle and I'm so pissed for him. That man would literally walk on fire for all 4 of them and this is the thanks he gets??

He def had his moments where I wanted to smack his head but in the end he came around so beautifully and was perfect!! Fucking hell, even the kids were dying for Tristan to be their father but stupid Claire did not want it because she didn't "want to give him that kind of power" over her, or some bullshit. If they're legally his then he could take them from her. Like WTF??? Tristan said it best that he's just a stand-in for Wade at this point. I'm so annoyed. I wish I had never read this book now. I don't believe they were with others during the couple separations they had that lasted weeks at times.

Nothing happens with the dates. His ex shows up but he's pretty rude to her. It was more so Claire constantly kept thinking about his past instead of Tristan himself bringing it up. He was all into Claire, but she kept saying shit like "I wonder how many women he's brought up here. I didn't like how he ran away after meeting her demon-children for the first time but can you really blame him they were crazyI wish they hadn't gone on dates with OP.

There were more amazing Black 4 friend no dramasafe no strings.

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How he chased Claire and refused to let her push him away. How he patiently and creatively wormed his way into the children's heart when it seemed impossible. Any other man would have ran to the other side of the world if he had experienced her children but he kept coming back. He never tried to replace their father either but tried to make a spot for himself.

And the fact that he didn't get to legally make them his is such a let down. He's expected to do everything a father would but cannot legally call them his? He willingly gave up his dream of having his own family so he could stay with her but no adoption for him. Okay, makes sense. He deserved so much Black 4 friend no dramasafe no strings than Claire. Can he please dump her and get a re-do with a woman who makes him a priority as well??? Not selfish ass Claire.

Full House The Gamblers 3. Safe, sweet read. Didn't hook my attention though and took me a while to finish it. Mar 30, All In The Gamblers, 1. If you're looking a delicious alpha H who knows the heroine is IT from the moment they meet and chases her hard then this is your book!! He wa Wowwww. Loved the H's possessive and jealous side that we got to see quite often.

I didn't need to be constantly reminded of that piece of info in the first half of the book. Not sure what it was. I wanted her to give into the H instead of fighting her feelings but I guess there's a certain way to write that push-pull that works for me and in this instance it didn't work too well. It was sprinkled in there and nothing too bad tbh, the H always shut them down and had eyes for only the h. No cheating. H has been "celibate" for a couple months while h has actually been celibate for a couple years like always, gah hide spoiler ] Dec 28, This was just meh.

Did a bit of skimming when it pertained to his job since it's the same ol as books. Dec 27, Pretty Prize. Dec 26, Off the Cuff. Lynn, K. It's been a while since I've read a hero this amazing!! Not a moment of hesitation on his end if he wants to start something up with a woman who was raising her sister's daughter. He was all in from the start and it was so wonderful to read.

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I get we needed some angst but come on woman! This man was literally perfect and you dare to push him away!! Overall, amazing hero! Highly recommend this book for him alone. Safety: view spoiler [ Safe. Both celibate. H was a prior manwhore we don't get many details besides that he dated a lot but has been busy with work for past year or so and hasn't been with anyone.

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She hadn't slept with her ex for about 4 months before they broke up as well. Some OM drama from her ex - they bumped into him in the park and he was being a dick and hero puts him in his place. Some OW drama from H's ex - they bumped into her in the park as well later on in the book and H def did not want anything to do with her but h's huge insecurity issues made the OW drama a much bigger issue than it needed to be.

Black 4 friend no dramasafe no strings

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