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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Ah ha! There it is! Hurriedly I walked down the length of the mall to the store, Ample Fashion. It had been far too long since I had purchased anything sexy. The new apartment, unfamiliar city, recent job offer, and new-sprung relationship certainly warranted a little pizzazz in my bedroom attire.

So much had changed in the last year. In February, I left Zach, my husband of 5 years. The water and the mountains had always captivated my imagination, and the city itself seemed to have an artistic charm. She recommended Ample Fashion to me when I began telling her about my new flame, Derek.

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The story of our meeting was nothing special. We encountered each other one late night online as I was trying to unwind from a long day of greasy food and cigarette butts. We had a dinner Chubby guy wanting some pleasure agua caliente 3 days after our first conversation. That was two weeks ago, and now our evenings together were starting to take a more sensually charged tone. I wanted to surprise him with something that evening when he got home from a late night at the office. Pushing the limits had always been my forte.

I pondered all of this as I wandered back to the lingerie section of the store. I'd thrown on a pair of comfy jeans and a classy blouse, not as stylish as the merchandise in the store, but definitely me. A saleswoman promptly greeted me and asked if I needed any help. I appreciated her personality. It was different than the commission hungry attitude I usually encountered at similar stores. Her hair was a deep hot cinnamon, cascading to the shoulders.

A rust colored chenille sweater hugged her curvaceous form from the turtle neckline to her tremendous hips. She was small of stature, but lusciously well rounded in all the right places. The slit that raced up the side of her calf revealed a shapely toned leg. Her smile was gentle, though the twinkle in her eye matched my charged interest.

For a fleeting moment, I stared at her with an amazement that felt much like I did as a young girl, hanging a new ornament on the Christmas tree. I chose a few seductive possibilities and she whisked me off to the dressing rooms. The satin gowns felt delicious as I slipped each one on and off of my plump figure. I then took a few minutes to stand and admire before trying on the last of the nighties. I was positive Derek would eat me up in any of them, but I wasn't sure which would most prompt him to devour me. After the favor I had done him last night, I was sure to see a more risque side of my new admirer.

He was asleep in my bed, all snuggled in velour, when an unrestrainable urge to taste him had consumed me. I crept into bed and took his flaccid cock into my mouth. What a delectable midnight snack I remember that being.

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He was already at a full erection before he was able to shake that warm state of half-asleepness. After a good dose of gripping, suckling, and devouring, he was able to put aside the initial embarrassment of being with a new lover, and bathe me in his warm sticky load. Knock knock! I heard a faint rapping on the dressing room door, and in, to my astonishment, stepped Raquel. I was no longer sure about the judgement I had made about Raquel's un- intrusive attitude. Still, I lifted my arms up as she slid the silky fabric over me. Raquel kept her attentive poise, whispering words like delicious and beautiful under her breath.

When she talked to herself, I noticed, she spoke only in Spanish. She seemed to be fishing for conversation. A quick shade of crimson blanketed my face, realizing she would know that 2 years of college Spanish allowed me to understand her murmurings. Your attention is quite flattering. Zach, my ex, never had a problem bringing home a paycheck, though he had a very difficult time giving compliments. You deserve someone who can appreciate the whole package. Oh, and if you purchase it today, you'll receive a free pair of satin Chubby guy wanting some pleasure agua caliente.

I'll take it! She made me nervous. Oddly enough, it wasn't because she had just barged into my dressing room to make a sale. It was the way she seemed to know about my long since denied interest in women. I fumbled through a few more words with her until Raquel pierced the ackwardness with an apology. The sales floor is calling my name, and my manager is not always the kindest taskmaster, but if you're interested in making a new friend, I'd love to have you over for dinner tonight. I get off at 6.

Raquel winked a devilish wink at me, as if to make sure I caught her double entendre. She then sauntered back out into the store as I wriggled out of the nightie. Quickly, I hiked up my jeans and threw on my blouse. The other clerk at the counter helped me, as Raquel was busy with another customer. I watched Raquel as she pulled herself back together.

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She again caught my gaze and flashed me that same seductive smile as I left the store. I glanced at the clock, which read Butterflies danced in my stomach as I debated whether or not to call this intriguing woman.

Surely she must be home by now. I could easily meet her for dinner and make it home in time to freshen up for Derek. Who did Raquel think she was? She left such a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. In the span of five minutes, she had stomped into my private dressing room and captured all of my attention.

I wasn't quite sure what Raquel had in mind for the evening, but my curiosity was strong enough that I knew I'd give myself a mental beating if I didn't call her and find out. My trembling hand picked up the receiver as I dialed the on the paper. Before I could get in another word, Raquel's voice leapt through the phone at me with "Si!

I was hoping it was you. When should I expect you?

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I'm making enchiladas tonight! I hung up the phone and quickly grabbed the city map. It was small and detailed, but I eventually managed to find her street. It was right off of the interstate, and couldn't be too difficult to find. After touching up my makeup and slipping into a classic short black dress, I paused to again take a look at myself in the mirror.

I saw a new liberating assurance in the woman peering back at me. It felt a little less like playing dress-up each day that I faced one more of life's fears. The timid fat girl with a pretty face in high school, now was learning to recognize a sultry vixen within the rest of her succulent body.

I kicked up my heels and skipped out the door, new bed dressing in hand, just in case I didn't have time to make it home before driving to Derek's place. It took about 30 minutes to get to Raquel's neighborhood and another 10 to find her house with the dim street lighting.

Soon, I was at her doorstep and ringing the bell. She greeted me with an affectionate kiss on the cheek and welcomed me into her quaint little white house. It was decorated with Mexican art from floor to ceiling.

She herself was dressed in a short iridescent red dress, revealing much more of her ample figure than I'd seen earlier in the afternoon. Her generous bosoms eagerly pressed out against the low cut neckline. I hope I didn't make them too spicy. I seated myself at the small table with two white candles burning in the center. Raquel danced out of the kitchen with two plates of delicious enchiladas and a bottle of wine. Conversation picked up and we discussed our backgrounds, our parents, and many other things. The wine, coupled with spicy enchiladas, wrapped a warm cozy feeling around me as I enjoyed the last few bites of dinner.

I then questioned her about the extraordinary art I saw everywhere. I hoped I was better at masking my excitement over Raquel than I Chubby guy wanting some pleasure agua caliente about other elements of the evening. I have more upstairs if you would like to see. I stood in awe of the beautiful paintings on her bedroom walls. Each one depicted a strikingly sensuous woman in bright colors, each intricately painted in a lifelike manner, as if right in the room with us.

She kept a diary in her early twenties. My mother gave it to me several years ago. She didn't find it until after my grandmother's death, and I am almost sure she didn't read it, or she would not have passed it on to me.

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She didn't stifle any chance for pleasure in her life. I read stories in her diary about torrid romances, with both men and women. Her favorite seemed to be a very rubenesque woman in a nearby village for whom she made several trips a month to visit.

The attribute of this woman that my grandmother commented on most often in her diary was her large soft body, and the way it excited her. My panties moistened with every word Raquel spoke.

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There was now no doubt in my mind why she had brought me into her room. Our gazes locked as she went on to explain about her grandmother's influence on her life, and how she'd come to not be ashamed about her own attractions, her body, her feelings, nothing. She accepted and embraced them all.

Chubby guy wanting some pleasure agua caliente

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