Cougar in Los Angeles

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The cougar found in the Santa Monica Mountains in March represented the first documented physical manifestations of extremely low genetic diversity within an isolated population of less than two dozen mountain lions still roaming the rugged canyonlands just north of Los Angeles.

Since then, scientists have found two more lions with similar deformities. Announcement of the findings was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, officials said. Mountain lions are not a formally threatened species in California. But state officials earlier this year concluded that six isolated and genetically distinct cougar clans from Santa Cruz to the U. Such a step could limit highway construction and development on thousands of acres of real estate. The California Fish and Game Commission is expected to make a final decision sometime next summer.

In the Santa Ana Mountains, the 15 freeway limits the movement of a family of 20 cougars. Mountain lions are being killed on freeways and weakened by inbreeding. Researchers have a solution. A few days later, another male mountain lion, also with a kinked tail, was recorded on a remote camera in the same area. Scientists believe the two cougars may be related and perhaps siblings.

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Review of remote camera footage taken in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains between the and Hollywood freeways suggests that a third mountain lion in the area also appears to have a kinked tail. They underscore the of extensive genetic analyses conducted over the past two decades: Cougars in the Santa Monica and Santa Ana mountains south of Los Angeles have the lowest levels of genetic diversity ever documented in the West, said Seth Riley, wildlife branch chief for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

The only population with lower levels was in south Florida a few decades ago, when Florida panthers were teetering on the edge of extinction. Cryptorchidism is a condition in which one or both testes fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum.

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Southern California mountain lions get temporary endangered species status. The state Fish and Game Commission on Thursday set the stage for a fierce environmental battle by granting temporary endangered species status to the several hundred cougars still roaming Southern California and the Central Coast. The bridge could help diversify the gene pool among the lions remaining in the Santa Monicas south of the freeway as well as in the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains to the north, they say.

Because the bridge would cross the freeway, Caltrans is overseeing de and construction — but the transportation agency is not providing funding. The project is currently in the final de phase, officials said. If fundraising stays on track, construction could begin in late Farther south, however, conservationists are open to the idea of trans-locating mountain lions across the 15 freeway, even as they work with the California Department of Transportation on a relatively low-cost plan to improve freeway underpasses that would allow cougars freedom to roam.

He covers issues ranging from religion, culture and the environment to crime, politics and water. He was on the team of L. Times writers that earned the Pulitzer Prize in public service for a series on Latinos in Southern California and the team that was a finalist in for the Pulitzer Prize in breaking news. Cougar in Los Angeles struggled to tap resources during the Northwest heat wave. More extreme heat will bake California on Monday, but a cool down is coming.

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Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. P, a subadult male mountain lion, has reproductive and tail defects. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. More From the Los Angeles Times. California 17 million gallons of sewage discharged from Hyperion treatment plant, closing some beaches to swimming. California More extreme heat will bake California on Monday, but a cool down is coming.

Cougar in Los Angeles

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P, The Famous Mountain Lion Of Griffith Park, Checks Out Healthy At 11 Years Old