Empty apartment looking for a good time

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Home » Property Trends » Vastu Shastra tips for a rented home. Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, is about improving positive energies in a specific space. It applies equally, to homes owned by individuals, as well as rental houses. While renting a house or apartment, the external environment also plays a crucial role, although one many be occupying the flat only for several months. Besides the energy, check the ventilation, light and flow of air in the house.

In urban cities, most places have mobile or electricity towers. Avoid places that are too close to these towers.

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Also avoid places that are close to hospitals, graveyards, or too much traffic — in other words, restless environments. See also: Check these Vastu Shastra norms, before moving into a rental home. One must keep basic things in mind when renting a house. While renting a house or an apartment, try to ascertain the history of the property — how prosperous the occupiers were and the reason for them to shift.

Perform a small havan, before entering the house, to purify the space and cleanse it of any negative forces. A Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti worship of the nine planets and a Vastu puja should be performed. Colours have vibrations. Hence, opt for lighter shades on the walls and avoid harsh colours and too much of grey or black.

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Before shifting, have the house freshly painted and repair all leaking pipes, taps, broken furniture and shelves. If you are already living in a rented house that has Vastu defects, consult a Vastu practitioner who can guide you with remedies that do not require alteration of the space. There are a few other simple measures that one can adopt, to make the rental space harmonious.

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For example, regular mopping of the floors, with salt water, can cleanse the space. Playing harmonious music or chants, can also create a soothing ambiance.

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For positive and cheerful energy, nurture a few plants or place flowers and pleasant pictures in the house. Keep the environment free of clutter, dust and cobwebs, as it attracts negative energy. Table of Contents External Vastu factors to consider, for a rental home Points to check before moving into a house Correcting Vastu defects.

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Empty apartment looking for a good time

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