Favorite holiday sucks this year

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The other day I asked some people to describe the year with a comparison. Here were my favorites:. That few seconds of feeling good then causes your skin to bleed and burn for hours. The trash just keeps coming. Others played on the whole pairing, such as medium. The holiday spirit is unbreakable! Photo: Somethingtolaughat. No matter if we take the chance of travel or isolate ourselves for yet another month, it sucks. In fact, it led me to my own encapsulating metaphor of Think about it: first the turkey is hung and has its throat slit.

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Then its feathers are plucked from its body. Standing over the consumed corpse of this turkey, people pull out the wishbone and break it. Imagine being that wishbone and surviving all of that to just end up broken for a vaporous wish.

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V oila, there you haveand an analogy just in time for our favorite turkey holiday. So what if we lean in? Rather than letting the suck take over our lives, which it will inevitably continue to do, what if we grab the suck by the reins and steer it where we want to.

We have all been told the topics of conversation to avoid during the holidays: politics, sex, religion, and personal lifestyle choices. Before we avoided conversations about sex or lifestyle choices because there was a fear of being ostracized and isolated from our families. Thanks to Covid andthat fear has already come true. Thanks to this election season ofwe now have come face-to-face with the political divides in our families.

Suggestion One: If you live in a tropical area with palm trees, volunteer to put up the lights and spark a conversation about how deep patriarchy goes in this country. Photo from: reddit. Here are my two favorites on how to be your own Zoom-bomber:. Zoom manager who turned herself into a potato. Photo: boredpanda.

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Suggestion Three: Take the form of Yoda for the holidays. With that wise seat at the table you can just watch the drama unfold. Be Yoda for the holidays. Meme from: firstcoastnews.

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Suggestion Four: In all seriousness, we wish you the best of holidays. Be safe.

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Be happy. And enjoy this week of holiday conversations that we no longer need to avoid. But […]. Kelley Crawford author. Comments Cancel reply You must to post a comment. Need a ViaNolaVie ? But […] Holiday hot topics: Names and a legacy of racism. Recent Posts on ViaNolaVie. View Content Archive. Related Content. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Controlling the suck: Holiday season in