Girls want to go snowboard

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Feb 8, Hey guys and gals, my GF has now been riding about 3 seasons, last season she got in days. She is decent, in that she Girls want to go snowboard ok and doesnt really fall or wash out. However she has kindof hit a plateau where she doesnt really push herself to go faster, and when there are a lot of gapers out she rides slower "because im scared of running in to people" I try to tell her to just go faster so she makes quicker carves, but she is stubborn and doesnt like listening to my advice.

Last time we rode together i told her to just practice slashing and making agressive carves to better understand her edge control. Any advice on how to get her to progress so i dont have to wait 4 times on every run for her? ed Feb 26, I ed up for a class at my local resort and since most of the classes are beginner, I was the only "level 3" student so I got a private lesson for the cost of a class. It really helped me to step it up to the next level I had been sticking to greens before the lesson and he took me right up to the blues and gave me some really good advice that gave me the confidence I needed to push it further.

If she doesnt feel comfortable, just telling her to go faster is not going to help.

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Let someone who does it for a living help her! ed Mar 6, Lesson with a female instructor who rips. Or a hot guy and you won't have to worry about a gf anymore. ed Jan 15, AmberLamps said:. ed Oct 5, Many women have the potential to rip but most at some point back off and are perfectly fine to plateau where they are. They often have a different style of being smooth, graceful and flowly instead of manly slashing. Its like figure skating vs hockey Very few women are aggressive and want to compete or keep up with guys. It might help for her to find some gal pals that are on her level or better to mob around with Lessons and be happy with what you got.

ed Dec 24, Had to laugh when I read the post cos it made me think hubby, is this you? The only thing that didn't fit like comming from his mouth was the 3 seasons. If it's technique she lacks, listen to the guys and get her lessons or be very price with your teaching attemps. Wischi waschi advices like "just ride, be more aggressive, more dynamic" will do zero.

If you don't have the skill to exactly decribe Girls want to go snowboard movement step by step, let someone do it who has learned this as a profession. Just being a decent rider won't make you a decent teacher take this from a stubborn girl with a very good rider SO who has zero teaching skillz If its not a skills problem but just need of being pushed a notch more? Music can help.

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I get distracted by ppl on the slopes as well. Worst thing are. I can get almost paralysis when there's a pizza skier kid infront of me :laugh:. Not anymore since I ride with music BTW: Riding quick and with loud music demands bit of a different riding habbit: look uphill frequently as you don't hear someone approaching. IMO, the downhill rider has a certain responsability as well, most of all if you change your riding pattern like i. The skier behind you going the same speed won't know your intend and the turn may come all of a sudden to him.

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A quick glace uphill can avoid crashes easily. ed Mar 14, OP, how fast is she riding right now? Are you wanting her to straight bomb down groomers. When I encounter a plateau, it's time to switch it up. Go ride trees or go into the park.

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I can't imagine it's fun for her either to constantly feel like you are waiting on her, annoyed. Lessons never hurt either. ed Mar 2, ed Nov 8, Your much more willing to try what you otherwise would not attempt. ed Oct 25, A lot of great advice already. Putting things in a different perspective: why don't YOU ride slower? What if she simply doesnt want to go faster, doesnt like it, doesnt care?

Maybe she's plateaued because she is where she wants to be. She is just cautious and i have seen her open up and do probably mph or so. Maybe a lesson would help, it would need to be a more advanced on tho. She already rides with music. I think she just gets in her own head, and for some reason on certain days she is scared and not confident. I try to tell her to nust loosen up and use more of her body for her carves. Its a tough situation since we ride a lot together. Also she isnt nhst my SO, she is my fiance.

ed Aug 2, You can teach her nothing. It must be someone else. Your teaching will come across as nagging and you will run her day. Have patience and like above, lessons. Do not try and correct her if you want your day to go smooth. No pressure. I say this from personal experience.

ed Feb 25, I didnt read anything other than "teach my girlfriend". My immediate response is dont do it. Get her an instructor for whatever you want to teach her. Also, from what your describing she is not fast. Just cruising around we probably average 45mph on groomers with a light crowd. Neni's SO is fast too. Id guess Neni cruises at mph on a very regular basis. I would also guess that she is not carving but doing skidded turns, where she is not leaving a thin line from being hard on edge.

Get her a lesson, do a 3 day evey as Girls want to go snowboard days are typically cheaper at the resorts up on the I70 corridor. Copper is probaby the best AND least expensive. For less expensive lessons think about going to ski cooper up by leadville for a few days. It is a fun little mountain and you could make a weekend of it in Leadville cute old town.

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ed Mar 30, F1EA said:. No, she is very competitive, and always says she wants to go faster, and keep up with me.

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Her sister shreds and has no problem keeping up. ed Apr 2, ed Nov 29, Other thing to consider, maybe let her ride solo part of the day and find her groove. I can get distracted riding with those better playing catch up and feeling like I need to perform.

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Girls want to go snowboard

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