Im 18 still a virgin

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RichPiana Badges: Report 2 years ago 4. Report 2 years ago 5. Report 2 years ago 6. Apachecow Badges: Report 2 years ago 7. Studies have shown that the average age to lose virginity is 18 years old. Badges: Report 2 years ago 8. TheYearNiner Badges: Report 2 years ago 9. It's abnormal, most normal people lose it at 8 or 9 so you are weird.

Dunnig Kruger Badges: Report 2 years ago Who wants to be normal anyway? Only boring stiffs want to be normal. Coming to think of it, just about everyone at my school wanted to be the same as everyone else at school. That's teenaged Im 18 still a virgin children for you. The joke in this is, sexually active 16, 17, 18 year olds think they are being so grown up by having sex. The reality is that the vast majority of them are acting in an immature, irresponsible way Proper grown ups get their priorities right.

At the age of 18, for anyone wanting to go to uni, A levels should take top priority. Once you get them, you can let your hair down a lot in your first year at uni. Don't be pressured into doing anything you don't want to okay, You'll get some people thinking it's weird for not having sex for the first time just because they might have lost it at a young age doesn't means you have to ok. Be sensible till you happy enough and confident to lose yours ok. BlueIndigoViolet Badges: BlueIndigoViolet, Being pregnant at a young age is totally unacceptable but you get them thinking it's ok.

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One of my fellow students nurse colleagues just said to me the other day that her young sister who is just turned 14 recently is pregnant and expecting twins around beginning of September time, and yeah dispite her saying she wasn't having sex apparently Mmmmm she said like and you can image what's being said of this. This I find unfortunately unacceptable but its goes one dispite all the advice given.

Im 18 still a virgin

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