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This article contains spoilers about the Sunday, Feb. Over the course of a heady minute episode, they spar, laugh and connect over Philip Roth. Then he takes out his penis. Rhys and Ms. These are edited excerpts from their interviews. How did Matthew come to play Chuck Palmer?

Tell me about the inspiration for this episode. I wrote the first draft of the episode in one night, just taking out my frustration and curiosity at these older, male, energy-sucking figures and trying to turn it into a cohesive half-hour.

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Did you two find yourselves discussing the debate at the center of the episode? RHYS Yeah, we did — where did it come from, where is it born, what is it born of?

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I was interested in how someone becomes that. We spoke at length about the chronic insecurity that comes from the realization of a position of power, and what that can lead to — how someone goes from being a marginally famous author, and then assumes a position of power of a predatory, sexual nature. The evolution of it psychologically — I just realized how pretentious that statement was — was what was interesting.

Lena, one of the most interesting things about the episode is that you can sense your investment in both characters. And was that a painting of Woody Allen hanging over the whole episode? What more do you have to say than that? Did you see this role as presenting a similar challenge, of playing more than one character at once?

RHYS In a way, yes. In addition to their cavernous cracks, they have other virtues that even them out. Oh, God. What was that scene like? RHYS Embarrassing.

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Even more so that it was so predatory in its nature. There was something deeply uncomfortable about doing it.

Lady wants real sex Matthews

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