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Naughty means disobedient, mischievous, or generally misbehaving, particularly when applied to children. In this way, it is often used playfully or as a euphemism a milder substitute of what is being referred to. The first records of the word naughty come from around the s. Pets who misbehave in this way can also be called naughty, as in Mr. Fluffles, you naughty kitty, why must you knock all my things off the shelf? The word can also be applied to adults in a humorous or ironic way, such as to describe someone cheating on their diet or sneaking food into a movie theater.

In this sense, a close synonym of the word is Naughty for. But it can also be used as a playful euphemism to refer to sexual activity, as in Your honeymoon is supposed to be spent being naughty! What are some other forms of naughty? The word naughty is used in modern conversation to refer to misbehaving children and pets. It is often used with a less serious and more playful tone.

Do parents still send their children to their grandparents for being naughty? I think I am ready to ship Naughty for kids to mum for a few years…upto or so. Which of the following terms would NOT be used to describe considered naughty? The siren song of sneaking around, the chance to show Santa the true meaning of being naughtywell, these are temptations that may be too strong to resist.

People trying to feel more whole will maybe try to cut out all their naughty bits. But there are increasingly more who are well-spoken, educated, and just a little naughty. Former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught sexting naughty photos, which caused his reation. If users want to send naughty photos with a veil of privacy, opt for the pixilated shower door filter.

Click the option to be warned about sensitive media and these naughty images won't be thrust at you. It appears to be the opinion of the advocates of apparitions that naughty ghosts have cold hands. In this case the husband was the offending party, and was very naughtyand therefore his hands were very cold. Towne did not do much last winter, Mary said, beside run around with Naughty Nan.

Tessa, in a broken voice, like the appeal of a naughty child with the naughtiness all gone, what shall I do?

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He almost slew me with his eyes; I cant see why such naughty hearts should look through such eyes! New Word List Word List.

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Save This Word! See synonyms for naughty on Thesaurus. Forget feline and canine, we have a wild and sensational quiz on adjectives based on animals that you are sure to go ape over. Origin of naughty Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at naught-y 1. Words nearby naughty nauchNaucratisNaugahydeNaugatucknaughtnaughtynaughty ninetiesnaughty stepnaumachianaumachynaumannite. What does naughty mean?

Example: Oh my God, have you two been doing naughty stuff in the supply shed?

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Where does naughty come from? Did you know How is naughty used in real life? Try using naughty! Words related to naughty impishrowdyplayfulmischievoushetrongwickedlewdribaldoff-colorbawdydirtyannoyingcontrarydisobedientdisorderlyevilfiendishfractiousfrowardindecorous.

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Tessa Wworth's Discipline Jennie M. Australian and NZ slang an act of sexual intercourse. Derived forms of naughty naughtilyadverb naughtinessnoun. Word Origin for naughty C14 originally: needy, of poor quality : from naught.

Naughty for

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