Need to get sum now

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Flowchart: Below is the brute force program to find the sum.

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Python Python program to find sum of digits of a until sum becomes single digit. If a n is divisible by 9, then the sum of its digit until sum becomes single digit is always 9. For the first case, answer is always 9. For the second case, and is always k. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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Change Language. Related Articles. Improve Article. Python program to find sum of. This code is contributed by Gitanjali. Write digSum n. Driver program to test the above function. Next Program for Sum of the digits of a given. Recommended Articles. of times a can be replaced by the sum of its digits until it only contains one digit. formed by deleting digits such that sum of the digits becomes even and the odd.

s less than N that are perfect cubes and the sum of their digits reduced to a single digit is 1.

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Count N-digit s whose digits does not exceed absolute difference of the two digits. Minimum value to be ased to the elements so that sum becomes greater than initial sum. Generate a such that the frequency of each digit is digit times the frequency in given. Article Contributed By :.

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Need to get sum now

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Sums and Products of Digits and SP s