Oral copulation

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Penalties can range as high as 12 years in state prison, including lifetime registration as a tier three sex offender. A conviction could strip away years of your freedom, while the mandatory sex offender registration could have lifetime personal and professional repercussions. In order to convict you of oral copulation by force or fear, a prosecutor must move that a certain of facts were true in the incident.

Example: Mary leaves a nightclub alone, and Tom corners her in an Oral copulation. He pulls a knife and orders her to perform oral sex on him. In this case, he could be guilty of violating PC a. I found myself under false accusations and he really came through. I was really freaking out, and Robert was able to make me feel like I was in good hands.

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It is always charged as a felony, and punishments usually include:. In cases where the victim is a minor under 18, prosecutors can seek steeper penalties:. If convicted, the defendant is required to register as a lifelong tier three sex offender. This means that every year, you must re-register with the state or face additional charges for failure to register as a sex offender. Because of the stigma of a sex crime conviction, it can also lead to consequences in your personal life.

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Often times, these cases involve incomplete evidence, unreliable witness testimony or mistaken identification. A skilled criminal defense attorney will work with you to thoroughly examine all of the facts of the case and develop a defense to protect your constitutionally guaranteed rights.

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Robert M. Helfend has practiced in the Los Angeles area sincedeveloping a reputation in the courts as an expert in sex crimes cases. Call today for your free case evaluation — Table of Contents.

Oral copulation

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Oral Copulation – California Penal Code a