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In the s, women across the country wore practical, button-down housedresses with tight waists and deep pockets.

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In the aughts, moms and their daughters wore a whole lot of Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits. For years, black Lululemon yoga pants and Uggs were the axis of the mom uniform, until the media cruelly shamed women out of them. But in Brooklyn recently, a decidedly more bohemian expression of middle-aged fashion has emerged. This ensemble is made up of two accessories: Part 1 is the No. Zora Ginsburg, a mother of two and a sales specialist for Rebecca Taylor who lives in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, has been wearing her No.

She owns them in a variety of colors — the shearling, the slides, the zip-up boots — and never deviates from the brand. Ginsburg was introduced to the strap by her friend Kacy Lubell, an owner of Salt, and rotates multiple straps between her BalenciagaFendi and Proenza Schouler PS1 bags.

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Ginsburg once helped style a Salt shoot and in return received a strap; the rest, she paid for. I want that. Lubell wrote in an. Yet sometimes it seems that choosing to wear the same clothing as the people around us is a lot less about our materialistic desires than it is about our evolutionary development as humans.

That women in the same area are drawn to similar styles makes sense. Our evolutionary prehistory shows that we needed many people to help us raise our offspring, so we surrounded ourselves with those who had similar values or who looked like us.

Martin owns four pairs of No. She does not own a strap, but she is familiar with them. Martin compares the woman who dresses like her peer group to the bonobo ape : a female-dominant species that leaves its kin behind and bands together to form new communities to fend off male aggression. The idea that fashion has Park slope ladies conflicting sides was first theorized by the sociologist Georg Simmel at the turn of the 20th century, according to Valerie Steele, the director and chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She bought the strap because her children and Ms. Odunsi said. Earth-mother message aside, a pair of No. Mair said.

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They originated among Dutch dairy farmers and later became a common work shoe in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. For moms, specifically, the No. The Salt strap, for example, is benefiting from the handbag industry slump.

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The New Mom Uniform of Park Slope