Professional poker player looking to be in love

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Up your game with free cardschat membership. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Search Forums. This is a discussion on Are you looking to become pro poker? Or are you looking to play professionally? Do I just play for fun?

Go to Are you looking to become pro poker? June 1st,PM. Do you play poker for fun? But I always try to improve myself! Similar Thre for: Are you looking to become pro poker? I'm not trying to become a professional, but I'm trying to win. It all started as a hobby and now I seek to become a professional player is my dream, I know it is difficult but not impossible I have been trying for years, but being a professional poker player requires a lot of study and discipline and more in managing your bank.

Have not been, but I am willing to try. I play for fun but I like to study some concepts because some times I jump into bigger and more serious buy ins and I want to be prepared. I don't want to become a pro but some side income now and there is always welcome!

Hey Whenever i do something i like to do it perfectly, when you're all focused on the table, full skill, full concentration and with some luck you can beat the pro players and gain some fame. June 2nd,AM. Originally Posted by Juan Oro. I just play for fun and still make a lot of mistakes.

I think to become a professional player, we have to spend and a lot of time and try hard seriously. Maybe someday, when I have a lot of experience, I will try.

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Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. As additional income - ok. But what are you going to do in years? How can you be successful in poker today, spending less than hours a month? I think being a professional poker player is very stressful. It sounds like fun, but there will be so many times that things will go bad for a while and you will lose a lot of money. Even the greatest players lose a lot of the time. I have no desire to become one. I play for the challenge, fun and a chance to make a very small amount of money.

I beter become a plumber. But pro must always win. Risk is great and stuff, but i need to feel some stability in my life. June 2nd,PM. I'm in a position where I can play all the time.

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When I have a big enough bankroll I'll say that I'm a professional poker player. For now I'm an indentured grinder. It would be nice! But it would not be bad for me to win a good amount of money, so that in the future I will have nothing to deny myself! June 7th,PM. Yes, whenever i do something i do it perfectly and my goal is to be a professional poker player. I play for fun, but still I would like to become a professional player. But you have to be a realist.

Personally, I'm just too lazy. It is my dream to become a professional but I am still very far from achieving it, it is really difficult, but I keep studying and I do not lose hope. I was thinking about it, but no thx!

There are a lot of better paid jobs with less stress. I'm always looking to evolve, maybe someday I'll raise the level in poker, from recreational player to professional, I'm striving for this achievement, it's not easy, but it's not impossible either.

If life calls me so, I'm ready. I would not complain if I magically was in a position to be pro, but it is not my goal, perhaps a semi pro is more attractive to me so my liferoll doesn't depend on poker. In order to be a professional, I have been playing as a routine for 20 long years, but for about a year and a half I have been playing real money with more study and patience Bankrol is one of my worst problems, very tight and I am almost sure that I will have to invest, to see the good long-termpersist and you will expire. June 8th,AM. I go back and forth with the tilt.

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Nope Sure, if I get that good at poker one day, then I might be open to becoming a pro Poker is more of a challenge for me and more like a hobby I take seriously for improvement. I have no real ambitions of becoming a pro, but who knows? As my first ever CardsChat event, this one will always be special for me. Hello if I started playing 30 years ago, I think I would strive to become a professional, but I am already 47 years old and I think my time is wasted, but I continue to study. In theory, everyone wants to become a professional player, and they play for fun and, of course, make money. June 8th,PM.

Hi ands I think we all would like to be a pro player. As for me, I don't think about it very much. What I do think about is being a pro at my own level. There is such a thing like that. They are sharks just waiting for new and weak players. When I sit down to a cash table, the first thing I look for is which players are doing the winning. I do that by their chip size, and through out time I'm there, I watch those players. Ok that's my 2 cents.

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GL to you all. Enjoying the game gives us a chance at new stages and skills. When you are at the height, you feel the edge very strongly. Perhaps you will become a professional player if you fully delve into the knowledge.

In the meantime, get in touch with the subtlety of the game and enjoy the moments. All the best is ahead! Originally Posted by ands June 13th,AM. I'd love it but i dont think this happen but i love to play one time big tournament June 13th,PM. Good luck in conquering the poker heights and big drifts. Always keep yourself in control, regardless of losses or gains, and success will not keep you waiting long.

I don't intend to become a professional poker player, but it wouldn't hurt to improve my skills. Of course, it would be worth analyzing the various hands, but I am more interested in the broadcasts of professional poker players. Poker for me is for the entertainment value. As an ex athlete it allows my competitive spirit a place to play and have fun. Would I like to be a professional? I dont believe I would as then the game would become work and something I would need to worry about if I started a downturn. While I want to be able to play with anyone, "not ready for that and probably never will" I dont see myself ever going pro.

No, I don't have this goal to become a professional player, because I think it's a job with a lot f variance and it's stressfull, also I'm happy with my regular job. My goal is to win a regular income with poker, an extra money is always nice. I play for fun. Professional poker player looking to be in love one day when I have free time to study and practice the game of poker I will try to become a professional.

June 14th,AM. Of course, I do it to make money, but my policy is to do everything moderately. I would like to be a professional poker player but I don't have the bankroll. If I were a professional poker I would truly be doing a job I love!!!!!! I play for fun but I am hopeful to win money off of some freerolls. Poker is a hobby of mine. I like to play for lots of reasons beside money. The losing is always there and the wins aren't enough. Always looking for ways to improve and playing tighter starting hands is at the top of the list. I still like have hands that win when nobody but me would be playing it in that position.

Sometimes my range is wide open. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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June 15th,AM. I have been playing for play chips lately. I'm just tired of watching you get run over on any two maps. But probably soon I will move on to play freerolls and this will be my professional growth. June 15th,PM. My participation in poker has always been for fun, but because of my job I don't get to concentrate and dedicate more time to be a professional, it is one of my dreams to be a professional and to reach the bracelet even once.

June 16th,PM. I play for fun but still I play pretty tight. I never play with junk, I try to think carefully about my every decision and improve my skills every day.

Professional poker player looking to be in love

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