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Women wear face masks to protect themselves from the new coronavirus in Bangkok on March 26, Recently, a woman reported to the police in Thailand that her year-old granddaughter had been repeatedly raped over more than a year at a government-run school in Mukdahan province, in the northeastern part of the country. She said that the young girl was abused by five teachers and two male students.

And to further exacerbate her nightmare, they filmed and threatened her. The girl had endured, secretly, such treatment since March of last year. When her story became public, a year-old classmate from the same school reported that she had experienced the same at the hands of the same men.

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Unsurprisingly, anger erupted on social media, as many netizens called for severe punishments for the alleged rapists. Even Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha promised the maximum punishment if the defendants were proven guilty. In Thailand, punishments for rape are harsher than in many other countries. Convicted sex offenders can be sentenced to life imprisonment or death in the case of fatal rapes, for instance.

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But most cases go unpunished or end in reduced sentences when offenders cooperate Women for sexual Thailand the police. Enjoying this article? The sentence can be increased by a third if the assault was recorded on video for exploitation, or by half if the clip was shared with other people. But as Jaray Singhakowinta, Ph. That is why, a few years ago, there was a public campaign started by a Thai celebrityPanadda Wongphudee, to amend the penal code so that those convicted of rape were automatically sentenced to death.

As Singhakowinta explained, however, the campaign was questioned by many lawyers who warned of the lethal consequences if the law was changed. They were concerned that victims would likely be killed if the death penalty were legally ordered in every case. Rape is still a serious problem in Thailand. It makes big headlines every year with stories of abuse and violence against adults and children. According to data from the Royal Thai Police, 1, complaints of rape were filed between January 1 and December 31,and as a result 1, people were arrested.

In the same year, the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women alone recorded cases of rape and indecent assaults. The organization has assisted more than 9, victims of sexual attacks sinceand according to its statistics, the s have been increasing. Although rapes can happen to people of any gender and age, most of the cases known to the foundation are of girls under the age of 10, and most of these rapes took place at home or at school. He believes the fact that the increasing s of women and both female and male children have become victims of sex crimes reflects, to a certain extent, their systematic subordination in the patriarchal system in the country.

When we speak of abuse toward women, the situation is serious, complex, often underestimated, and rarely documented. Thailand has never had a national survey of sexual violence.

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And as Jansen said, it is important to realize that such surveys are the only way to get greater information on the proportion of women in the population that are experiencing or have experienced such violence. Twenty years ago the same survey showed that only 1 percent of women who had experienced partner violence had gone to the police. Official data from services will not give you a good picture of what is happening.

This situation was supposed to change with the passage of the Domestic Violence Victims Law and the modification of the Penal Code. Beforecriminal law did not include marital rape as a crime, so women were not legally protected against sexual assault by their partners. Violence that occurs in the public sphere or is committed by a non-family abuser, such as sexual assault and harassment, is condemned by the Penal Code. However, although the police have more power to act than before, they remain reluctant to intervene because while laws may have changed, attitudes have not.

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Many crimes thus go unpunished. In the case of rape, many sentences are reduced and many women simply do not trust the judicial processes.

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Rights advocates believe the solution to sexual violence starts with gender equality and mechanisms that would help women be more visible and feel the strength to press charges with the support of society. In this regard, there is much work to be done. The psychologist who is caring for the girl said she was suffering from trauma and extreme stress.

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After all, she was abused by those whom she was supposed to trust. Diplomacy Mongolia and the Korea Conflict. Will mounting evidence about the limited efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines spell the end for Beijing's vaccine diplomacy? Child workers were among the casualties of the July 8 fire, shedding terrible light on an all-too-common problem.

Women for sexual Thailand

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Thailand pledges to protect women who report sexual abuse